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Expert 1K-FA web control anomaly

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Sometimes when I switch my 1K-FA on remotely via RC-1216H web page, it does not start up correctly. Or maybe it does, but at least all items in control screen don't appear correctly. I have attached two images to visualize the situation. Capture1.jpg shows the control screen when amp has been just remotely contacted and is switched off. Capture2.jpg shows how the control screen sometimes ends up like after ON button has been pushed to turn amp on. Green light in upper right corner in both images is flashing, captured image just cannot show this. Only way to make all control items appear correctly after pushing ON button is to remove power momentarily from both the amp and RC-1216H (=reset).

Any ideas?

Juha, OH1MLZ

Jan (Microbit):
Very hard to say what is going on. Which firmware version is the RC-1216H using?

When the green light in the upper right corner is flashing the RC-1216H has lost contact with the 1K-FA. Why is the "1000 question". But it sounds strange that you have to power cycle the WS too, are you sure about that?

FW version is 4.18. Sometimes also OPERATE, STANDBY, FULL AND HALF leds are missing while all other items are working.
I try to test for some time with different browser like IE if it's browser dependent, so far I have been using Firefox. I can also try if I can connect with Expert Console2 via serial server in case web interface has problems.


Not browser dependent, same thing happened with IE. When web interface was not functioning correctly I contacted also with Expert Console2 and whew, all items appear correctly also on web control screen. Go figure.


Jan (Microbit):
Does "missing" and "not appearing" literally mean that they are non-existing?


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