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1216H Switch Time
« on: 2016-01-08, 19:03:04 »
I just purchased a 1216H Webswitch and need it to emulate a rotary switch to select one of three dipoles (K8UR style) around a tower.  By emulating the rotary switch, there's a small period of time from one switch position to the next. 

At the moment, the 1216H is configured for relay exclusivity (i.e., only one relay active at a time).  However, the time period from the selection of the new relay selection appears simultaneous with the de-selection of the current relay.  What's needed is a small time delay between switching relays.  For this application, 500 msec. is adequate.  The 1216H Webswitch will control a rotary actuator that works by pulsing current through a solenoid that uses electro-mechanical indexing -- and hence the reason for the needed time delay.

Possible?  If not now, can this be added in a future F/W and web server release?

Paul, W9AC