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I set up RC1216H and Expert 1K-FA a couple of days ago and
they worked fine via internet until this morning.
This evening, however, they does not work.
I turned on MAIN PWR-OK(turned red),ON OFF-OK(turned red),
the green status on the top right corner stopped blinking and said
starting..., OUTPUT POWER and Temp showed this morning's
status (half and 10c). But the window turned Off/Unknown in about
7 seconds.
I tried several times but resulted same. Serial connection has not
established yet.

Do you have any idea to fix them?



I am seeing I think the same thing.  I can use the local USB port and PC term 1.3USB fine but not via the RC1216H.
I also have a RRC 1248 in play on my K3S Twin remote set up
Will watch for any help.
Russ K5OA

have you made correct cables ?
remember that the USB cable cannot be connected to the PA when using the serial port. The serial port will be disabled if USB is connected

73 de mike

Thanks a bunch Mike, I made the cable 2-7 3-8 and 5-5.
I do have the USB cable in but the driver was disabled so that must be my problem.  I will go up to site this weekend 85 miles and 20 degrees cooler anyway and be sure the special cable is good and test without the USB cable plugged in.


All is well I had made error in the simplest of cable ever. Eyes failed me.  one pin off!
Great working now.  Using the RRC 1248 Elecraft Twin setup with K3/0 Mini at my home and RC 1216H for Expert 1.3K-FA at remote site.
Like the total power relay control as well as just turning it off.
73, K5OA 


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