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Acceptable jitter
« on: 2016-02-17, 00:03:10 »
I have identified a potential host QTH for my remote with great bandwidth, but the jitter is 13ms. Jitter on my current remote site is 1ms and I've been successful with running CW on the RRC with the default jitter settings. As there are no antennas or power at the new site, its difficult to test the significance of 13ms jitter on my operations, and if the 13ms of jitter can be mitigated by RRC settings.

How bad does line jitter need to be before causing issues on CW? I understand there may be other variables, but I am trying to determine some rule of thumb about levels of jitter found to be problematic for users. The archives have lots of info on addressing jitter, but few reports of the measured jitter users are trying to mitigate.

Remote: K3 line
Control: K3/0
RRC's current rev
Windows 7


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Re: Acceptable jitter
« Reply #1 on: 2016-02-17, 08:14:16 »
Hi, a jitter  of 13 ms is ok, if you look at the page we have simulated 10 ms jitter.

73 de mike