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Feature Request: Multiple Operators


Dear Developers,

hope this is the right place, as i did not find any feature request category for the RRC 1258.

I have installed the Reomterig and 7 Control units for our club station. It really works like a charm, thanks for that great product. What i see as a nice feature would be to have multiple SIP users and to show the current logged in User on the status page. Somehow like a small user manager with passwords for all the remote users. They would be able to see who is connected. And as well if we have someone that would leave the club and we could just disable this user and not have to change all SIP passwords from the others.

73' Serge , HB9EDI


We have 14 users for two stations and use Google Docs Sheets to coordinate. We log every use that way and it works great.
If interested, send me a direct mail at dj0qn (at) darc.de and I will blank out the data and send it to you to look at.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


We have got this request before, the problem is that you need 7 users, Mitch need 14 the next needs 25. The RRC has limited space for this kind of functions, that's why we have not implemented it before. From one of the later versions we show the MAC address of the connected RRC on the status page so now it's possible to identify who is conencted by looking at the status page in the Radio-RRC.

73 de mike

@DJ0QN , Mitch thanks for your idea. i was also thinking of a google calendar for reserving the station.
@SM2O, Mike, thanks for your answer. I see your concern with the limited space in the ROM. Seems that i still have an older firmware in the Controll unit as i don't see the MAC address   :o   As i'm still trying to build a summary page (PHP that reads the RRC and Webswitch)  i try to put all MAC addresses into a db and relate it to the callsign for display. I'll give that one a try and let you know.

many thanks and 73'  Serge   HB9EDI

with your input here i updated the Control unit and yes, i see the MAC addresses. Put some PHP code together to have the connection information in a simple form that i can embed into the club website. (not yet public online, comming soon). Here the code (needs some optimizing and cleanup .....

It connects to the control RRC with Username and Passwort. Just the Status.htm page is called and then get the lines for connection status and MAC address.

--- Code: ---<?PHP

$username = "Web page user";
$password = "Web page pwd";

$remote_url = 'http://RRC.ddns.remoterig.com/status.htm';

// Create a stream

$opts = array(
    'header' => "Authorization: Basic " . base64_encode("$username:$password")               

$context = stream_context_create($opts);
// Open the file using the HTTP headers set above
$file = file_get_contents($remote_url, false, $context);
 if (!$file) {
    echo "<b>ERROR</b>";

$searchfor = 'Connection status';
$pattern = preg_quote($searchfor, '/');
$pattern = "/^.*$pattern.*\$/m";
if(preg_match_all($pattern, $file, $matches)){
$text = implode("\n", $matches[0]);
$output = substr($text, 25);

 if (strpos($output, 'OK') !== false) {
    $state = 'Connected : ';
} else {
    $state = 'Ready for connection. Last User : ';
   echo $state;

$searchfor = '(mac)';
$pattern = preg_quote($searchfor, '/');
$pattern = "/^.*$pattern.*\$/m";
if(preg_match_all($pattern, $file, $matches)){
$text = implode("\n", $matches[0]);
$output = substr($text, 24);
//echo "<br>";
//echo $output;
//echo "<br>";

       if (strpos($output, '00:1e:fd:aa:bb:cc') !== false) {
           $call = 'HB9EDI';
} elseif (strpos($output, '00:1e:fd:dd:ee:ff') !== false){
           $call = 'HB9whatever';
    else {$call = "Unknown Call from MAC address   " . $output;}

   echo $call;


--- End code ---

as soon the page is online i'll post the link so you can see this looks like.

73'  Serge , HB9EDI

update, the link:  http://racr.godo.ch/


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