Author Topic: USA Availablity?  (Read 2321 times)


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USA Availablity?
« on: 2009-05-08, 20:05:54 »
   Do you have the means to ship/sell to the USA yet?

   I have an Elecraft K3 already in remote use. Using HRD/IpSound. I could use ypur version withj the rs-232 control, but can you also supply hardware PTT control from the control side? That is, I want to press a switch ( I use a floor switch) to activate the PTT. At the radio end, that could be a closure to ground or a software command, but I really would like a hardware PTT control at the home location.
   It gets tiring to always hunt down the "Icon" for a PTT !

   Thank you

    Tom K8TB Michigan, USA

p.s., Will anyone be showing this at the Dayton Hamvention in the US next week?