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Webswitch 1216H + G-2800DXA


Hello , i need assistance with my  1216H Webswitch.

I like to  remote my Yaesu G-2800DXA Rotor  with an WS + 1216S cable.
1st of all ,  is additional hardware necessary  ( a serial connecting cable Rotor to 1216S is  here.. )   , the Rotor with a mini din serial port ?   

And , when i push the 1216S  in the WS , the greene LED going out and i can`t  find  the WS in net.  WS config is  no problem , but no more with the 1216S  ?
Pin 1 ( red )   is on Pin 1..

Thanks for you help.
Bob - DL2MIJ

As far as I now you always need the "GS-232B Rotor Controller Interface" to get a serial port connection to the Yaesu Rotators

73 de mike

TNX for your replay Mike and SRI for my  late response  !
YES i understand now , the output is not serial from the Yaesu Rotor , i had now a RotorCard.

But one question please : I don`t no, is possible  the 1216S is damaged by my own fault , i put him 1st time wrong in the WS ?  Now is the WS out ( the smal greene light going out and i  find him no more in my network) when i plug the 1216S in the right position.. Without the 1216S i had no problem to config the WS.

vy73  Bob

I have never got a broken 1216S back but probably it's posible to damage them. If the webswitch stops working when you connect the 1216S it's looks like it's broken .


Mike thanks !
i will look for an new on and test again..

vy73  Bob 


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