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I really like the  NANO app (Elecraft) & use it to check into local net on 3740khz....

1.  What is the BT selection box for ?  Bluetooth? ...have played with it in car but doesn't do anything? 

2. The app works great around the house on Wifi but when I go to the car it have to turn Wifi on the phone off in order to connect via cell data network.
Is that the way it is supposed to work?...my phone is old old Galaxy S3.

Frank VO1HP

No one answered!  What is BT please on the Nano next to PTT.  The PTT is explained but not BT???


BT = Bluetooth

Whether it was ever implemented or not is something different  ;)

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

yes BT headset support it's implemented and works. Im not sure it works with all phones and BT equipment.

73 de mike

After using my nano Kenwood Bluetooth to my Plantronic headset (without checking BT box), I can no longer get audio to the phone speaker. I have turned headset off, turned Bluetooth off on Galaxy S5, powered phone off and restarted, and even uninstalled nano and reinstalled, still no audio to phone under any condition.


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