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Another feature suggestion
« on: 2010-12-16, 16:35:36 »
Good Day All:

As a feature suggestion, I'd like to see a way of dropping the need for Ham Radio Deluxe for those of us who don't use the supported rigs with the
separation heads.  I think this could be done by adding a Java based web radio control interface to the Control RRC's web server.
This interface could be vary similar to the Global Tuners online receiver controlling interface:
This would also open up the rig remotes to other operating systems, IE: Mac and Linux.
We wouldn't be dependent on the serial cable connection from the PC to the Control RRC, but it would still be connected to your LAN.
You could just connect to the web server like you normally do, wirelessly or wired Ethernet but have the rig control interface built in.
Right now, Ham Radio Deluxe is only available on windows and even the win 7 machines are having probs with it.
I'm a Mac and windows XP/PRO/Home Addition user and have no problems with the global tuners interface.
My screen readers have no issues either However, they do with Ham Radio Deluxe. 
I'm only limited to the rig control portion of HRD and all the sub programs are useless to a blind user.

Just a suggestion:

TNX & 73:

Michael De VO1RYN