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icom ic 7100 problem after change adsl "solved"

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I recently changed from ADSL to fiber, and began the problems, especially RF transmitting at 40 and 80, but that's another story ...
Now my real problem is this, I have an Icom IC 7100 which worked perfectly now this happens to me, you turn on, the yellow light is fix but does not turn on the remote  radio front, I made many tests ... on leaving, with yellow light fixed, but the front off after a short time (even one hour) turning off and on again, but the best test is, changing profile, connecting to a 7100 of a friend it  works and turning on my remote, then turn off and refresher to my profile and magically turns on the 7100 ... unbelievable but I'm desperate ... what can I do to fix?
Thanks for your help
rodolfo IK4VFD

It seems you have a network problem at your remote site. I assume your new fibernet router is at your remote site where the radio is. Does the fibernet router get a public IP address on the WAN side? Have you configured port forwarding in the new fibernet router? Have you changed the IP address of the remote RR-1258 to match the IP range used on the LAN side of the new fibernet router?

How does the status page of your remote RR-1258 and the control RR-1258 look like? Any errors may point to what the problem is.

GL, Palle, OZ1RH.

thank's for answer...
yes i have configured port forwardind and ip ...
infact i use it ... but i have to use before another remote and subsequently  come into my...

     update ...
I checked the status of my remote friend, after connecting with my 7100 front   and then compared with my remote, when the status gave everything ok but the front 7100 will not turn on and when (after connecting to my friend and reset on my) my remote 7100 front turn on.
These are the differences       
Ok front on                                  yellow light fix but 7100 front off     
Sip out port 13000                      Sip out port 13000
Sip in port 13000                          Sip in port 13000
Audio on port 1024                     Audio on port 13001
Audio in port 13001                      Audio in port 13001
Command out port 1024           Command out port 13002
Command in port 13002              Command in port 13002       

Thank’s for help


update sorry...
i connect my ic7100 front at my 4g tel and it work well, front turn on when i see status of my  home radio and i see
sip out port 49643
audio out port 49839
command out port 50205

but they should use the doors that I opened I 13000-13002?

with my wifi, the yellow LED is fixed but the front is not on ...
in this case all ports (looking at the status in the radio at home) are set from 13000 to 13002 ..


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