Author Topic: Alternative ways to power ON the IC-7100?  (Read 283 times)


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Alternative ways to power ON the IC-7100?
« on: 2017-06-23, 23:59:01 »

There are a couple of old threads not this topic, but no resolution as far as I can see.  The thread at is most like the question I'm about to ask.

I've been using fldigi running on a Raspberry Pi, and the Pi is connected to the 7100 via USB (no SignalLink needed because the 7100 has a built-in sound card).  I ran fldigi on the Pi from remote locations by using X forwarding over SSH and I could also issue Linux commands on the Pi to the USB serial port to turn the 7100 on and off.  It all worked great.

Now I have the 7100 attached to a RRC-1258MkIIs via the controller cable because I have a need to operate the radio (voice mode) from another building.  The radio's USB interface is still connected to the Pi for digital modes (I moved the Pi and the radio to the other building).  This setup works GREAT for voice, and I can still use X forwarding to run fldigi.  However, now that the 7100 is connected to the 1258, the serial commands I send to the radio from the Pi no longer turn the radio on.  I restored the original configuration:  Radio connected directly to the controller, and the serial on/off commands I send from the Pi work fine.  When the 7100 is connected to the 1258, however, the power ON command I send from he Pi does not work (but the power OFF command does).  This isn't a big deal when I'm home, but I'd like to operate fldigi when traveling and not have to take the 7100 controller and 1258 or buy the RR client just to turn the radio on/off.  I have no desire to operate via voice while traveling.


1) Why does the 1258 interfere with my ability to send the POWER ON command to the 7100 from the Pi?  The only connection I have between the 7100 and the 1258 is the controller cable.

2) If there's no answer for (1), is there a way to turn the radio on via the web interface of either the control or radio 1258?