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Need help configuring Cisco RV082 Router


Been tearing my hear out getting my small office router set up for the RRC to communicate to the outside world.
I have read and reread the RRC1258 manual page 238.
I have attached a screenshot of my port forwarding page.
I have inserted the IP address of the radio RRC 192 168.1.51 but I am not sure what to insert into the boxes, 13000 to 13002 but then what about port 80?
When I enable DMZ, all internet access is shut off.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.



It would have been best had you first requested my networking checklist, which walks you through
the process. If you drop me a short mail to dj0qn (at) darc.de then I can still send it to you.

Otherwise, use the web site https://portforward.com/ for help on specific routers.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

HI Mitch-- I did request a copy of your checklist, about a month ago..you never sent it.
Please FW a copy to daveingeb@comcast.net


Hi Dave,

I just sent it to you. I checked all of my folders including trash and didn't find a mail from you, so
somehow your request got lost.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

>When I enable DMZ, all internet access is shut off.
Enabling DMZ means all traffic is send to the local IP adr set when DMZ was confgured. Have you set as the DMZ adr?

Your port forward rules of all ports to is the same as using DMZ, but you can't use port forward and DMZ at the same time. As I understand your picture of the port forward page you forward all ports to, but that rule is disabled. It should be enabled.

Using DMZ is a securitity issue so don't use DMZ. I suggest you follow the recomendations in the manual and only forward the needed ports (13000-13002 and the port you select for the radio RRC web page) to your radio RRC

The networking checklist of Mitch is a good one and should be included in the Remoterig Users Manual.

73, Palle, OZ1RH.


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