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I have tired everything that I can but the remote rig control unit will not connect to the base.  This is an existing configuration that just stopped working one day.  There have been not changes to the network, the port forwarding works but internally they units will not connect.  I plan to take the units offsite and see if they will connect remotely but I suspect that they will not.

I do see this error on the control Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

So the question becomes how and where do I get service on the unit?

Paul -W4PGM


Did you change the SIP contact to the radio RRC's internal IP number before attempting a
connect in the same network?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Yes.  I may have found the issue.  It looks like there is a part that has released form the PCB.  I can put it on the bench and reflow the solder and see if that does the trick  Will let you know.  I would tell you what part but without a Lupe I cannot read the markings. 

Paul -W4PGM

If you can browse the units they are probably not broken. Other hardware problems besides lightning strikes which has destroyed the Ethernet or/and the power input is extremely rare. Service is available here in Sweden. Contact me my email before shipping.

73 de mike

I 've same issues here.

He worked for 1 year. No problem.

Now the "system message" is:

Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

What should I do / check on the motherboard of my RRC-1258 mk2?



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