Author Topic: K3 Twin - Keyer Decisions  (Read 461 times)


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K3 Twin - Keyer Decisions
« on: 2017-09-18, 22:36:20 »
I'm new to this group and to the RRC products.  My intended use is CW contesting.  The connection is via Ethernet (not internet) on a common LAN.  Here's  my question.  My current station is set up to use a WinKeyer.  The contest logging program (SkookumLogger on an iMac) tells the WinKeyer what to send and it in turn is connected to the Key In jack on the K3S.  The key connects to the WinKeyer.  Pretty vanilla set up.

Enter remote considerations.  Should I use the WinKeyer emulator and hope that it is a faithful emulation?  Or should I run my current WinKeyer into the Control RRC?  The output of the WinKeyer would look like a straight key.  I think I can set up the I/O lines to transfer the dits and dahs and eventually have the remote RRC send them to the remote K3S. 

There seems to be much complexity to doing the latter.  How do I gain access to the signal lines (I hate preparing cables)?  Do I have the various I/O settings correctly set up?   Or... using the builtin WinKeyer emulator will that emulator look EXACTLY like my current WinKeyer from the perspective of the software? 

I'm seeking advice here.  What do you all do?   I've got lots of prewired cables here.  Do you guys tap into them to access for example IN0?

Thanks and 73,

Gary W2CS


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Re: K3 Twin - Keyer Decisions
« Reply #1 on: 2017-09-18, 22:54:30 »
Before the Winkey emulator was available, I had made up a custom cable to tap into that signal.  I applied the real winkey output to that line, and used the keyer in the RRC Control box to send keyed messages.  Its probably been 4 years now, but I know I had it set up to do that at one time.  Since the Winkey emulator was enabled, I'ved used that.  After a few hiccups, it has worked with a hitch.
My all time best rate on RR CW has been a 168.  I have not found latency to be a problem.

Dennis W1UE