Author Topic: Firefox "prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" - problem  (Read 745 times)


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Ive been using Remoterig devices for long with very few problems. However now I got a strange one.
Using Firefox browser and Windows 10.

I am controlling my 1K-FA linear with RC-1216H and the rotator with Webswitch.

When using the internal webserver of the RC-1216H Firefox keeps asking "Do you want to prevent this page from creating additional dialogs". So far Ive never said "yes". Now I did which was a mistake. The result is that the browser is no more showing the images, in other words the power meter etc.

But there is more. When I go to my Webswitch the same symptom is there, no scale showing antenna direction, no pictures.

But there is even more. Using IE has the same problem and also Apple MacBook with Safari!

Ive been cleaning browser caches, restarting them, reading tons of instructions already witch no luck.

Any ideas how to fix? TNX!

Antti, OH5TB