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USB as COM0 (for N1MM)

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Hi all,
I have read posts and the manual on how to get the CAT from my FT2000 work on my N1MM+ (from local radio).
The thing is that I use COM1 for rotator control, so if I use the mode 6 desceibed in the manual the rotator don’t work. Then I have tried to use the USB as com port 0 option instead. But when I chose ”Use USB Com Port as COM0 = YES” and apply, it’s automatically reset to =NO when the rrc has rebooted.

EDIT: Serial settings for COM2 is "Logical parallel with COM0"

Any ideas?

You need to use COM2 for CAT, COM0 will never work.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Thanks for the answer Mitch.
I might have missed some basic things, but I'm not sure how I set it up. Obviously there are some virtual com ports installed when the control RRC is connected to my computer with USB. COM 2 on the RRC is connected to my control-side FT2000, and is set up as "logical parallel with COM0" - should this rather be the Yeasu/Kenwood/etc mode?

It is really not all that complicated. I assume that you are trying to control the FT-2000 only via
software and not using "Twin" mode. In this case:

1) Put a straight through serial cable between the rig's CAT port and the radio RRC's COM2 port

2) Set the serial settings on the radio RRC as follows:
   - set baud rate for COM2 to the same as the CAT rate set in the radio   
   - make sure "use USB Com Port as COM2" is set to NO

3) On the control RRC:
   - first install the Microbit Setup Manager to get the serial drivers installed BEFORE plugging in the RRC
   - set baud rate for COM2 to the same as the CAT rate set in the radio
   - If you wish to use USB instead of a serial cable, set "use USB Com Port as COM2" to YES
   - plug a USB cable between your PC and control-RRC. Make sure you do NOT do his before you install Microbit Setup Manager!
   - find out the correct port in your Windows Device Manager to use by looking for the "Microbit RRC Virtual COM Port (COM2)"
   - Set your software to use the this COM port on your PC at the baud rate you set for COM2 and for CAT in the rig.

Yes, in your case it would be for program mode 4 (Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecraft).

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Many thanks for the reply Mitch,
I haven't had any time to play with this for the last weeks but did another try today. In fact I use the Yeasu twin setup, so the control radio is connected to COM2 on the RRC. I have tied all virtual RRC COM ports to a value below 10. For example 'RRC Virtual Comport' is set to COM5.
If I select "Use USB Com Port as COM2" (under serial settings in the control RRC), I can actually set the frequency from N1MM+ - but I get an error message "Invalid CAT data" in the program. Also I can't control the radio at all by the control side radio with this setting.

I have probably missed something essential here  ;D


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