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Remote Rig in Oman where VOiP is blocked


Dear fellow Hams,

I am PD1EBS from Netherlands, working in Oman.

Is it possible to use Remote Rig for my Yaesu 857D located in Netherlands? Radio in Netherlands, operator (me) in Oman.

Oman has blocked VOiP services such as Skype and Whatsapp call. With a VPN this can be bypassed of course.

I can use Echolink normally without VPN by the way.

Can Remote Rig be used without to much hassle of VPN or Port Forwarding?

Regards Erik


Probably you can use Remoterig without VPN as you can select which ports you want to use by yourself. As long as you have 3-4 ports which is not blocked it will work.

If you need porforward or not depends on if you use a NAT router or not in the radio end. No relation to the Oman situation.

73 de mike

thanks for the reply!! Let me check a few things more and then I will place an order.


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