Author Topic: CW Keying problem FT950 Twins -  (Read 718 times)


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CW Keying problem FT950 Twins -
« on: 2017-10-31, 18:32:39 »
Hello Group ,

I am using RRc between my home and remote qth . I am keying remote FT950 via I/O on Control and radio side . Had no issues for 2 years but suddenly I am getting permanent Tx of the remote rig when the I/O RJ 45 followed by 6 mm Key cable (tip and ground ) is inserted on the back or front  cw keying plug on the FT950 .
Took radio RRC home and  just found out that when the miniusb is connected to the RRC miniusb plug in the front , the rig is going in TX . Never had this before and did not update  SW lately .
SW is Ver 2.87

Any help please ? Thank You ,

Best 73 , Jim ON4DS ( ex ON5UM )