Author Topic: Twin ft5k and N1MM+ CAT , Freq on Band map goes lazy & unstable  (Read 947 times)


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Hello Remoterig-Gang!

Im back in business with my remote-setup, as i have been qrt for over 2 years due to moving cottage station qth to another location in OH6 Finland and having Control qth here in HL1 Seoul. Feels so Great to be back  :)

My Twin setup is based on RRC1258MKIIs and FT5Ks and there is about typically 200-300ms latency - not bad at all, of course VFO control has some delay, but ears, brains and hand will adapt to delay pretty easily.

Im actually returning back to the problem i had back in May2015. Im running log, CAT based on N1MM (now +) and Radios (twin) communication goes via COM2 and CAT of N1MM+ is connected to COM1.

The challenge i have, is related to N1MM+ bandmap frequency behavior... typically its really slow (delayed) and follows actual VFO (Control) very slowly when same time VFO (station) is following per short delay / latency (no problem). Also for time to time the CAT to N1MM+ is getting very unstable, meaning it zig-zags up and down, although VFOs have tuned long time ago to DX freq... and might take 10-20secs to stop... or sometimes not stopping at all. Im using Samsung 9xxx series laptop with ATEN UC232A (Ftdi circuit) USB to serial adapter. Driver is ok per computer.

First of all, does anybody else have similar "symptoms"?
I remember that studied before QRT period that could it be Laptops Switching power supply, which could cause some interference to serial... if i remember correctly, that time it helped for temporary to use with battery only but behavior returned to same soon (so i couldnt prove interference issue).

All ideas for finding root cause are welcome!

Anyway, great to be back to bands - we have here in Seoul city center very bad wide band (1-50MHz) man made QRM so without remoterig, i couldnt be on the bands from HL1-home.

73s and thanks for ideas