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nano and galaxy s7 not working

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ok i down loaded the app hooked up the cat cable the first time i turned it on i got audio no display now no audio or display   says connected , uninstalled it but it back on  same thing happens  works fine with my rc200 head what is the noobie missing?

i guess the issues with the galaxy and this app will never be addressed sad  :'( 

Hi Partytyme

Sinds some weeks i running here a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Android version 7.1.1

Downloaded in the Android Goolge Play Store the Kenwood Nano app and where facing some audio problems in the beginning. TX audio where fine to the outside world. RX audio where there and seem to having some digital package failures. Finaly i found out that my settings in the RRC-1258MkII box with software version 2.91 has to be changed at the radio settings tab. From Program mode number 8 TS-2000/TM-D700 into number 4 Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecraft.
Into Program mode 4 - Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecraft is my audiostream without notifying problems in combination with the Kenwood TS-2000 and Kenwood Nano app version 1.5.1 on Wifi, 3G-4G, telecom provider.

73 Dimi

I had S7 Edge working OK and also S8 with radio settings 8 but noticed today that S9 is not getting audio. In radio box I see RTP/UDP audio status Error(0). Maybe it's Android 8 issue and will be fixed in Nano App.

NANO works with Galaxy S9, problem was that  I forgotvto turn on permission in phones VPN software settings.


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