Author Topic: Audio Hiss Solved  (Read 434 times)


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Audio Hiss Solved
« on: 2017-10-23, 17:34:00 »
Using both K3 twin and Yaesu FTdx-9000d radios with RCC1258 units for a long time I have had a bad audio hiss even with the volume turned to zero.

Solution: Do NOT use audio CODEC with 12 bit. I now use audio quality 2 which is 16 bit.
I found that even higher quality settings using 12 bit will cause audio hiss. 16 bit all ok.

I'm posting this in case others have the same problem.

de steve ve6wz.


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Re: Audio Hiss Solved
« Reply #1 on: 2017-11-19, 02:50:21 »
Hi Steve

thanks very much

just starting with remote and many things to improve. Is very noticeable the improvement changing from 12 to 16 bits!