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digital modes FT8, JT9, JT65 Kenwood TS 2000, RigBlaster Plug and Play


Probably a dumb question! Can anyone help me with the setup for WSJT-X digital modes remotely with the Kenwood TS 2000 and RC 2000 remote head?


Jack N7MJ

To use any digital mode remotely (including AFSK, not FSK), just connect your sound card interface
as you would on the radio: the audio input comes off of the RRC's SP jack and the audio input goes
to the AUX/MIC jack on the front of the RRC.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

I operate WSJT-X (FT8) through a K3/0-Mini and RemoteRig RRC-1258MkIIs to stations on RemoteHamRadio.com  Issues I have noted are that WSJT-X CAT control works poorly (or not at all) through the virtual serial ports created for the RRC. I use manually tuning outside of WSJT-X and set the WSJT-X band/freq pulldown to the proper band so logging is correct.  Also, unless you have a PTT signal no MIC audio is passed through the RRC. You can configure a serial port to provide a PTT, or I use a SignaLink USB interface which has a VOX function which creates a PTT signal from the audio. I connect the SignaLink PTT output to the PTT input on the K3/0-Mini and it works fine to key the radio and let Mic audio through. Good luck, K6UFO Mark


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