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« on: 2017-11-23, 23:17:05 »
I have asked this question already but no answer from anybody.
I would like to use the virtual comport 2 to drive the PTT, RTTY and CW via the I/O connector.
On the Control side, the I/O settings "USB RTS as PTT" and "USB DTR as CW" have been set to COM2.
The serial setting "use USB Com port as COM2" is set to yes.

On the RADIO side, the IO settings have been setup so that OUT0=PTT, OUT1=RTTY, and OUT2=KEYER.

I'm not able to control that signals, the output level for all the outputs is always low, therefore the problem is not with the radio and connections but the comunication between the remoterig boxes.
What should I try?
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