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Yaesu FT-857D / COM port "Logical Parallel with COM0?


Here's the situation I have. FT-857D has antenna tuner attached to CAT/Tuner port so I don't have CAT port available. I want to run Ham Radio Deluxe on the control end.

I see in the manual that the Serial setting for COM2 shows "Logical parallel with COM0. = Is used for level converting for CI-V and FT-8x7."

Does this mean that it will extract and bring CAT data to the serial port at the control end to hook to my computer? If so, will this work with using the USB port for serial connection on the control end? I've tried this and can't get HRD or another logging program to connect to the radio. I just get a stream of 0909090909 received from the radio.

Is this supposed to work this way or am I out of luck using my tuner and also HRD?


August KG7BZ


Per the manual, you will need to use COM1 for CAT. Set both RRC's COM1 to mode-7 and try again.
If you use USB, don't forget to first install the drivers using the Microbit Setup Manager and to change
the setting under the control RRC's COM1 to use USB.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

I am completely unable to get CAT info to connect from the radio to the control end. I can take my laptop to the radio and hook the CAT serial cable to the laptop serial port and it works fine. If I connect the Radio CAT cable to port COM2 on the Radio RRC and connect the laptop serial cable to COM 1 OR COM 2 on the Control RRC, nothing. I DO have the baud rate set to the correct number on both ends. Both the Radio and Control RRC have COM1 set to mode 7.

And yes, I am using a CAT cable powered by the radio, not the serial port.

August KG7BZ

Hi you should connect to com2 and you should set com2 to mode3, and set 8 databits and 2 stop bits. Same baudrate settings in both RRC, the radio and the pc program

73 de mike

Success!! Thanks very much!

August KG7BZ


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