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Kenwood ts-480 Sat

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No, you just go over the network and make the change(s) to the RRC using its web page. No direct
connection is necessary.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Yes you will need your computer with a web browser to change the settings on P186 - specifically the program mode in radio settings.

You need reach both both RRC units using a web browser from your your PC. If you're unsure about how to do that ask your IT guys.

Also, there are important sections of the manual that you must understand because they will help you with the RRC setup.

1.  Step by Step system setup

2.  Configuration with Microbit setup manager

3.  Initial IP setup via USB (will help you find the IP addresses of your RRC's)

4.  Configuration with WEB-Interface (The radio settings will help you with the detail on P186)

i am having the same issue switching from a ts 2000 to an ts480  tested all cables with out the boxes hooked up just control head to radio  and they work fine , switched the settings to 5 in the controllers applied it and it don't work hook up the ts2000 and switch the settings back  and it works great i wanted to swap rigs for the same reason as the poster i hope some one can help us


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