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Kenwood ts-480 Sat

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Am I supposed to do any software type update? 

the jumpers s not important for the connectivity, you do not need to update firmware. send me exported settings(html) files from both units

73 de mike

So I have to hook up the units to the computer and update them?  I just placed them side by side and hooked a short cat cable between them still nothing?  The jumpers are set to the specs on pager 185 of the manual.

Although it makes sense to update to the newest firmware, this will not make any difference as far
as connectivity is concerned. An older firmware will still work for the TS-480.

I am really not sure what you are trying to do. Hooking up a serial cable won't make it work at all,
it needs ethernet connectivity to work. The serial cable must go between the RRC the rig's CAT port.

I suspect that you may have a wiring problem somewhere, please look at the manual. Another common
problem is that the RJ-11 cables used must have all wires connected. In other words, you can not use a
standard telephone cord, it must be a "3-line cord" or make the cable up yourself. The U.S. version of the
TS-480 ships only with one cable (the manual is wrong), so you need to make sure you get a correct
second cable. This may be your problem.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Our IT/ Data guys looked at the factory Kenwood cable and made me two shorter versions which both work fine head to radio, not sure what I am doing wrong on this.


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