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RRC MICRO and Digital Mode WSJT-X Rig Control


I have been using TRX Manager and RRC Micro on my HP laptop successfully to use my K3 remote while away travelling.  Successfully used this combo to work TM100VIMY from my remote while I was an opeartor at that station in Vimy France in March this year.  TRX Manager has a very realistic looking K3 front panel

I am interested in setting up the configuration to use WSJT-X for FT8 mode.  I have the setup working to a degree in that I am successfully decoding signals using WSJT-X v1.8 using a VAC from RRC Microbit to  WSJT-X.   However how to do rig control to read freq and mode and control PTT.?   COM 2 is already in use by RRC Microbit....I tried WSJT-X wth K3 radio config and COM 1 and 0  but that doesn't work.

Can I use a serial port splitter software to have two application (RRC Microbit and WSJT-X) access COM2 simultaneously?  or is there some other way?

Frank VO1HP


Please explain why COM1 didn't work. I run all CAT programs without problem over COM1 when changing
both RRC's to mode-7. I would think that that should work here as well.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


Have COM 1 Mode 7 set in remote box Serial Settings.  Is that what you mean?  Picture attached. What should be settings in RRC Micro?.  Currently have COM 2 set to mode 4. COM 1 set to  INACTIVE.  When COM 1 set to mode 4 still doesn't work.

Rig control by TRX works if TRX manager set for COM 2.   Setting in WSJT-X  COM 1 or COM 2 does not result in rig control.   If TRX Manager is NOT started then I can get WSJT-X to read freq by setting it to COM 2.  Dont understand about how to setup COM1?

I missed the part about RRC Micro, but that doesn't change much. Basically, it looks like it should
work OK. You should be able to use TRX-Manager on COM2 and any other control program on COM1
simultaneously. Alternatively, you can use it the other way around, or only use COM2 for one program
at a time.

If it isn't working, maybe change some of the serial settings to see if that solves the problem on COM1.
Also note that COM1's baud rate must not necessarily be identical to COM2's baud rate.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


I checked if it is able to work WSJT-X thru. virtual audio cable.
Conclusion is OK, working well w/o any physical cable connection.

Anyway, in order to work properly, You should set in WSJT-x  Settings/Radio/ Menu, Serial Port COM2, PTT Method CAT, Mode USB. Also Do not run RIG control program like ARCP480 etc.
With this configuration, you can not check current rig status thru. rig control program however you can control rig freq, mode USB thru. WSJT-X. 

Even though working properly however you have to know there is poor decoding capability due to the narrow band width for RRC Micro.





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