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switching from a ts 2000 to a ts480 help


ok i have a working system using a ts2000 no issues  i picked up a ts480 sat and would like to be able to swap them out i have made the 6 pin cat cable for the mic and two short jumpers to go from the rigs to the control head and main unit and tested them by hooking the head up and both cables work fine , i have went in and changed the rig types from ts 2000 to ts 480 on  both 1258's and updated it but the rig will not turn on remotely  what an i missing? thanks for looking

Did work remotely before? What changed besides the rig?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

yes still works with ts2000 just cant get the ts480 to work i see i am not the first person asking this  but they are still looking to get it working 

Did you get it working yet?  If not:

Does anything happen when you try to power up the rig remotely?

Are you trying this over a LAN for now?

I'm sure you have tried this already in your attempts to make it work, but on one of my setups you have to press and hold the power button, then the SIP light comes on and you have to press the power button again to get the radio to come on.  This doesn't always happen, but quite often on the one setup.  It becomes natural to "start" the radio that way after a while.

Also, I'm sure it was just a typo, but the 6 pin cable is the ttl and 8 pin for the mic.

yes i found it was not storing my changes  when switching from the ts2000 to the ts480 both now work   just not sure what rig i like better lol some times the changes did not store on restarts


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