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Icom RRC Nano "license expired"


Ive been using the RRC Icom nano app very successfully for almost a year.  All of a sudden, when I try to connect, I get a message "license expired".  Has there been a change to the "unlimited" license?

Me too, researching how to get license, anybody know how?
Bruce W4HI

If the license has expired it's proabably beacuse some updates of Android changes the Lic id.

Just send me an email in such cases

73 de mike

Thanks Mike.  After you reset the license it's working fine.
I did try to buy an "add on" to use the app on my Nexus 9.  Not sure if the order was received, or if it will even work on this android tablet.
The call is W2HDI and the license key is 4a35


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