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Data abort code/related to problem?

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Hi All!

Not a computer/internet guy by any stretch here, but got my remoterig up and running with my Kenwood ts-480hx, with no help(!) mid november. Was quite proud of myself! Alas, all good things...you know. Everything operated flawlessly for about a month, which included a 12 day trip across country. Even the nano was great! For the last 3 weeks however, I can't keep the radio rrc on. Nothing anywhere has changed, that i know of. The radio rrc will shut down and become unreachable at least once a day. It is 25 miles from my home qth, so I have it on a timer to restart it every 8 hours. I have seen Data abort 0x00054ee4 called by 0x0000a628 on the radio rrc many times (though not sure if every time), and one other code once, which i jotted down and now cant locate. The only thing that is different is the temperature in the radio rrc location. Its unheated, and its been very cold lately, but i cant imagine cold enough to affect the remoterig??


Thanks & 73!
Shane n1dmx

Name   Value
Company   Microbit
Product   1258
PID   4
Version   7
HW   8
Software   2.91
Bootloader   1.10
Compiler   4.6.2
Build   Jun 16 2016 07:13:13
ROM/RAM   485636/44292
ETH-RAM   3000 (max 3kB)
USB-RAM   16376 (max 16kB)
Battery-RAM   4
ResetSrc   0 [3]
Last WD Reset   10
Uptime   0 Days, 3 Hours, 52 Mins, 20 Secs
Serial number   9844
MAC addr

Hi the low temp i s no problem

Data abort just shows that the internet connection is not working ok sometimes. If the RRC can't send out it's packets the memory will overrun and a data abort is created. Nothing that you can do about in the RRC it's a network issue.

73 de mike

same here,
after 1 year of perfect job I got this error:
Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

What's going on? Firmware is the 2.90.
Kenwood TS 480

Again, data  abort DO NOT indicate any problem with the RCC. All RRC shows that sometimes, so you have to find your problem somewhere else.

73 de mike

Hello Mike,

Thank you very much for your response.

If I may ask a follow up question then, any ideas on the symptoms I described? I do have the occasional issue with the audio stream or control stopping, but returns when I power down and restart the ts-480. That I can live with. My real problem is with the rrc going down and needing me to go to the site ( or use the timer) to restart. Would a data abort issue cause this to happen? As I said, this was not an issue for over a month, now it goes down completely at least once a day!

Any suggestions to steer me in the right direction are appreciated!

Shane n1dmx


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