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remoterig with FT857D in Oman - can't connect to home


Dear all,

I have done a few searches in the forum but could not find the answer to this:

I have a remoterig with me in Oman, Middle East. Using a FT857D, it works if Im back in Netherlands at remote locations. Here in Oman I can not get it to work. I have tried a number of things like; from my office (no success, internet provided by Omantel), from my hotel (where I have registered the MAC of the remoterig). The remoterig with me here does get an IP from the hotel's DHCP but still I cannot switch my radio on at home. My ports are forwarded and I can even get into my remoterig box at home through the portforwarding. I am puzzled. I will attach a few screenshots from the rig side. I also have the ipconfig /all of the hotel but don't really want to share that here.

I hope someone has a solution.

Kind regards

I had the same problem in the UAE and it turned out to be that the provider blocks all SIP packets,
because they do not allow any type of VoIP to go over their network. I see you are not using port
5060 which is often the problem, but I suspect the problem is with the internet provider blocking
the traffic.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Hi Mitch,

thanks for replying so quick again. Indeed VoIP is blocked, but with VPN it works. So I have had my PC network port bridged with the WiFi and made a VPN. I plugged the remoterig in the PC's networkport and got an IP-address. Still it wouldnt work. I have posted something before in this forum about remoterig and blocked VoIP in Oman, that post is gone. I understood then that it should not be a problem if the correct setting were applied. I am trying to find the correct settings :)

Were you able to solve it in UAE?

Regards Erik

Hi Erik,

I didn't try to solve it back then, since it wasn't urgent. A VPN may work, but it depends a lot upon
how the VPN is implemented (where it is in the "chain") and the hotel router, provider, etc. I am not
an expert in getting around network blocking, so I am hoping you figure it out and let us know  ;)

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Ok cheers Mitch will do so. I will also try another way of bridging without a firewall active. I just thought of a few more options and experiments to do.

73 Erik


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