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New phone, how do I transfer license?

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I purchased a new phone and loaded the Nano App to the new phone.  How do I get it activated for my paid account from the old phone?

Thanks, Joe, K1ike

I haven't had an answer yet and my App is still not working.  My new Lic. ID is now 8ed1, how can I get my App to work again?

Thanks, Joe

just send me an email with the new lic id when you change. It should work now

73 de mike

Hello Mike,

I sent you an email a few days ago with the new license # and it still is not working.  I'm getting TIMEOUT.  I rechecked all my settings.  What next?


Timeout mean that the app can not connect to the Radio-RRC. If if it's a license problem it says "License expired".
After you have changed phone you can always use the  new one for a month before you need to transfer the license

73 de mike


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