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Voice processing at control-RRC ?


Hi there,

My RRD solution is working currently with a FT-857D. I want to use my 5 band equalizer with compression (a device by UR6QW) which is a device that sits in between microphone and rig, and I thought it was not working because of the rig configuration (processor level, mic level, INRAD filter in TX). After putting all elements affecting microphone to default state I keep on having issues.

The question is: Does the control-RRC do any kind of voice handling/treatment/modification that can affect the original sound being injected by the AUX/MIC connector?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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In the linear modes there is no compression or anything else. In the A-law modes compression/decompression is done according to the specs for a-law

73 de mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the quick answer.

I'm using audio mode 2 (16bit, 8kHz), that was I asked. OK. weird situation. If I press the microphone I'm sending a carrier with noise but not with my modulation.

I'll use the EQ unit removing the RRC to check it it's working as expected.

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*** SOLVED ***

Root Cause Analysis

* Yaesu FT-857 rig in TX without modulation generates a minimal carrier-based noise only detectable if you are close enough.
* This case is related to http://www.remoterig.com/forum/index.php?topic=5732.0

* When I try to use the UR6QW 5 Band EQ the control-RRC does not provide the power the EQ unit requires to work.
* When I do PTT in SSB and the rig enters TX, a carrier is generated but it's not modulated (due to the lack of power in the control-RRC). Yaesu FT-857 generates a carrier without modulation or rather a electronics component noise, but, the fact is that this carrier or electronic noise disappear if you move several meters away of the antenna field.
Hope this helps.
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