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Do I need the 1274B?

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First post--but I've been a lurker for a while.  I'm operating my TS-480 remotely at the ranch using the RRC-1258's, with the 480 front panel here at home connected to the control box.  I'm very satisfied with it.  However, when I'm away from home, I want to be able to operate using a laptop running ARCP-480 (or HRD).  I have the serial cable hooked up on Com2 at the remote, but I'm unable to turn on the radio from the software.  I'm reduced to having my wife push the power button on the 480 to make contact with the system, and I need a better way. If I get a 1274B Micro PC Client, will I be able to power up the radio when away from the home QTH?  Or, should I invest in a remote RS232 switch and connect the radio com port to it?
Thanks for any help.
73 Trent  K5XM

Hi Trent,

The RRC Micro PC Client will turn on the rig without a problem and otherwise allow full CAT control
remotely using the client of your choice.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Thank you Mitch!  Thatís just what I was wanting to know.
73 de Trent K5XM

Hi Trent,

I'm a bit confused.  If you are running the RRC-1258 units at both the Control and Radio side of the connection when using the Control head, how is your wife turning on the TS480?  The Radio RRC1258 TTL cable plugs into the TS480 radio where the control head would normally go, so you can't have a control head at the ranch unless you are switching one in and out.

We have used the ARCP-10 software with no problems.  Are you using COM2 for the CAT control?

The manual (page 18) states this:  Both Kenwood and Yaesu transceivers need the RTS and CTS pins to be strapped together.  JMP-3 inside the box can be used to strap them if you want to use a standard fully connected cable.  This may be your problem.

Joe, K1ike

Another thing.  The cable that you use must have the proper conductors wired to bring the RTS and CTS leads from the TS480 back into the 1258 so that the JMP3 option works.  If you made your own cable, the RTS and CTS can be looped right at the TS480 connector as noted in the Kenwood document.



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