Author Topic: K3, RRC, N1MM, Wireless ISP at the Radio End - do you see frequent Radio Resets?  (Read 777 times)


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The W4AAW remote operation has a K3 and RRC at the radio end. We use the N1MM contest logging software. The ISP is a wireless ISP and when jitter gets too high, we get audio problems - that can be a killer but that is not the only problem.

Frequently, even when the audio is flawless, we have N1MM lose contact with the K3 and pop up the "Radio Reset" message. If you notice, clicking on that (or right clicking on the band spread window and selecting Reset Radios) will cause it to recover.

If you don't notice, and QSY - obvious problems occur. It basically appears that the serial comms through the RRC to RRC audio+data channel gets disrupted and N1MM misses polling responses from the radio and says "Reset"

Is anyone else seeing this issue? There have been some code fixes played with in N1MM that limit the CAT functionality and eliminate the issue, but we need to see if others are having similar problems in order to convince the N1MM team that is more than just us!

Thanks and 73 John K3TN