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Yaesu 857D digital modes connection - cabling?



I have a working RRC setup with Yaesu 857D(detached panel) in mode 15. I also managed to connect and transfer CAT interface between units through COM2 with CT-62.

Now I want to setup RRC's to be able to work in BPSK and RTTY modes using PC on RRC Control side.

Please advise me, how should I connect DATA port of 857D to RRC Radio, what should I do on Control RRC, and how to configure both units?


The standard method to run sound card digital modes over RemoteRig is very simple: just plug the output of your
sound card interface into the control RRC's MIC/AUX jack. Use whatever cable is available for your interface and
wire the red straps accordingly. Take the audio into the interface from the RRC's SP jack on the front. That's it!

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

With sound I will try to use MIC/AUX jack and SP jack of Control RRC.

But how should I connect tranceiver to RRC Radio(and how to set it up) to provide PTT control from PC software?

The method you use for PTT is dependent upon which type of sound card interface you use, as well
as which software you use.

The two methods I have used are PTT over CAT and VOX.

If you are using a SignaLink, then you should use VOX. In that case, make sure that both RRC's have
RTP tx mode set to continuous.

If you are using another type of interface, most likely you can toggle PTT using CAT commands in your software.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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