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ft857 CAT control com2 ct62 cable


I am thinking of replacing my alinco with  my ft857 for remote control because I cannot cat the alinco.

my question is after reading the posts in the forum I see to use comm 2 on the radio end and plug the 8 pin mini din cable from the radio into comm 2, however should it be a ttl level convertor like a CT62 cable? The ones with a db9 on one end are female so I would have to use a MM coupler to plug it into the radio end comm 2 port on the remote. OR I see a cable Y7 diagram(page 147 manual) using the remotes TTL jack to the mini din, but with only tx, rx, and gnd  you lose speakers and power switch

then on the control end I set comm 2 to use usb and just plug a ubb cable from it to my pc running the software?


Yes the best is to use a CT-62 cable connected to the Radio-RRC com2. Com2 at the radio RRC is male and the CT-62 is female so they fit direct.

Be sure to use a genuine CT-62 which is powered from the radio. Pirats are often not and they will not work

73 de mike

thank you yes I purchased the Yaesu ct62 just to be sure


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