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I am trying to setup a K3/100 to be the remote head for a remote K3 in CQ 160 this weekend. The RRC configuration has been copied from a working K3/0 <> K3 setup. But I can not get the K3/100 to fire up the connection, the radio powers up normally and no action on the RRC. If I force Terminal mode by pressing MENU 5 sec it enters terminal mode but thats it, still no action on the RRC end. The cable The cable supplied is said to be working in another setup.

This K3/100 is a newer one with RJ45 serial port. Is there anything except setting baud rate I have to do to activate it? Is there anything else I have to change in the K3/100 settings to get radio in "remoterig" mode?

Is there anything different from a K3/0 setup that I have to consider in the RRC setup?

Any feedback appreciated!

73 de SM0MDG/SE0X

I checked the K3s manual and there is a new setting ( compared to K3) where you need to select RS232 to use the RS-232 cable. Maybe it's set to USB now.

73 de mike

Thanks Mike,

Found the problem. The cable was not wired properly, made a new one. Problem solved!

But I also fount out about the switch, it was in the correct position.

73 de Björn SM0MDG/SE0X


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