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Micro RRC client trial no receive audio

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I downloaded the trial and can connect successfully to the remote but hear no receive audio on my PC
RTP is Green
RRC is flashing

the bar under default moves green left to right
the speaker bar is static at 25% i can drag slider volume but no effect
my setup works great with the control  so network is good

Most likely it is related to the Windows settings. Make sure that you are using the correct audio output
under the Microbit program, then right-click on the sound icon on the bottom right and go to playback
devices. Then make sure that the device being used is enabled for playback and adjust the output using
the levels tab.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Also remember that many radio start with volume = 0 when connecting via CAT so you need to set the volume from the control software also. The audio settings in the RRC-micro has no control over the radio

73 de mike

Thank you both for the replys, but I verified windows sound is as it should be and the rigs volume is up.

I will look further

What Mike wrote can also be the problem. Some software also have audio controls and that also needs
to be adjusted. Basically, there are three places where audio should/can be adjusted:

1) in Windows
2) in the software used if it handles sound card modes
3) the RRC Micro client control should be set to the correct sound card and turned up

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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