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TS-590 microphone incompatability.


I have set up my Kenwood TS-590 Twin system and found the following:

With the Kenwood hand/fist microphone all works correctly.

However when using the Kenwppd MC-60 desk microphone the system does not go into transmit. 

Any ideas on this incompatibility?



The schematics shows that MC60 has PTT between pin 2 and 8 so PTT should work.


I subsequently found that Mic Amp was switched On and did not work.  I suspect it does not pick up a supply via the RRC 1258 (not had time to check it) and there was no internal battery in the Mic hence no output.  It works well with the Mic Amp switched OUT.

when we setup my kenwood i studied the mic wiring and we found kenwood mics are wired a few different ways  you can add extra jumpers in and make the remoterig work with many of them at the same time


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