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RR Control bxo ...can't access through USB connection

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Something has changed on my computer within last few days. 
When I browse to my Control box IP and click on any page except INFO I am presented with a LOG IN  box.
I can access the INFO page with out issue.  Any other page will bring up the LOGIN box telling me that AUTHENTICATION is required
and that the server at the RRC box IP connection is not private.

I changed the IP using MICROBIT manager to a fixed IP for testing but still same issue .  Now have  RRC setback to DHCP.

I recently started hosting a remote station RR box for a friend and I can access that box without issue all pages. 

Any direction on where to look?

Frank VO1HP

Alaways set a password by yourself, there are robots scanning around on Internet which set password to unprotected devices.
 You have to make factory default reset if you do not now the password

73 de mike

Here is the box I am seeing....there is no USERNAME entry place associated with SIP password in the RRC MENU?

The web password is set on the IP settings page

SIP password is something else


OK thanks for fast clarification...guess  i will have to do the reset.


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