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Twin K3 Turn on Turn off
« on: 2018-03-25, 10:59:31 »

I'm trying to connect two K3 (K3 in radio end and K3S in Control side) I'm using the Twin K3 Remoterig cable set and the Elecraft RS-232 adaptor in K3S side.

The problem is that the Remote K3 turn on when and switch to Term mode in Control side (Ok!) but and back to turn off after 4-5 secs if I don't make any action on the control side (put volume up or move the dial...) in other words if I don't make any action on control side (sending CAT comand to remote k3) then the remote K3 will turn off.  WTB in the control side the dial remains in Config menu and don't shows info from the remote K3.  I can hear the remote audio in the control side.  Also when I move out of term mode in the control side (the remote K3 was turned off) the remote K3 turn on again and turn off after 4-5 secs. 

In summary if I move to term mode the remote k3 turn on and turn off if a go out of term mode the remote K3 turn on and turn off again.

I'm checking all the stuff at home (using the home network and also using a crossover LAN cable).  Both remoterig boxes are new V7.

Any suggestion?


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Re: Twin K3 Turn on Turn off
« Reply #1 on: 2018-03-25, 17:35:37 »

I suggest that you contact Elecraft support at brandon (at)

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX