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Temperature sensor not recognized


I purchased two DS18B20 temp probes


and have tried to integrate them with my 1216H on BUSS B, since I have the rotor controller 1216L on buss A.
The probes are wired in the passive mode, VCC+ and - tied together to one connection of the 1216H and the data wire to the other.

Performing a scan results in the error message no Buss B 1 wire devices found

SO are the correct terminals those next to the Buss A connections?
I see terminals marked
Buss B
In -1
0 volts
In -2


temp sensors should be connected between BUS-A and 0V or BUS-B and 0 V

But we have seen that those Chinese sensors do not have a genuine Dallas sensor and the WS will not recognize some of them.

73 de mike

that is where I tried hooking them up, so must be the import problem.
I see the webstore has them, so I will order from there.

Thank you


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