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RRC Kenwood Nano "license expired"


Hi there,

can anyone tell me is it possible to renew the Kenwood trial period, never got chance to work this here when Remote Rig was not working for over six months.

Message says trial period stopped by the expire. Can you tell me if this is possible to be fixed with Lic.ID 6d98 or would i have to try install fresh again.

73 de Gary

me too.  Never got to use it.
Do not know what to do now.
Happy to pay

Yes still the same here i did not get the chance to test it out to see how this works out.

same deal here got a new phone and would like to get it working...but

Still never worked Nano, could not get RRC both sides to work until the great help from Mitch.

Tried to install this a few times and test the Nano out sure it says that it was expired now :(

Wish you all the best with it 73s


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