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SPID RAU Azimuth Rotator on com port 1


Good evening Forum,

A good friend of mine has setup most of my remote rig to the extent that everything works on the radio side. The problem I am experiencing is that I am unable to operate the rotator through remote rig.

So, this is the configuration and equipment.

The remote station is an icom 7300 using the RRC-1258MkIIs (Standard version) connections are:
   SP to audit output from 7300
   AUX/Mic to mic plug on 7300
   TTL connected to the CI-V remote control jack

RRC-Micro PC-Client is on my laptop

We have been trying to use com1 to control the SPID RAU Azimuth Rotator using a parallel to USB connection from the 1258 to the rotator.
We achieve a com 1 light on the Microbit RRC Client page once we have configured the RCC Setting page under RRC COM 1
Mode 5 User Defined 

The 1258 shows no signs of receiving the signal I have tried HRD rotator and PstRotator AZ

Any help would be great fully received as this seems somewhat a difficult one for me.

Many thanks



You cannot use a USB rotator with Remoterig, Remoterig has no USB Host interface like a PC. Only a USB-Device Interface which cannot be connect to another USB-Device.

Here is more info about using Alfaspid, also info about how a USB alfaspid can be converted to a serial


73 de mike


Thank you Mike,

That explains it.. I will try and convert it as i have had the unit for a few years.

Many thanks



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