Author Topic: Using Connectify in place of wireless to ethernet bridge  (Read 279 times)


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Has anyone successfully used the Connectify Max software in wired router/bridged mode to connect a RR control box to a network?

After reading the mediocre reviews for hardware wireless to ethernet solutions (e.g., Netgear WNCE2001), I hoped the Connectify software would provide a more reliable and simpler way to connect the control box to a network. However, I haven't been able to get this to work.

Most people seem to use Connectify as a wireless hot spot so they can connect multiple devices to a network where additional charges might apply, e.g., a hotel. However, there is a wired router feature that enables ethernet-only devices (such as game consoles) to connect to a network through the ethernet port of a laptop or other device that itself is connected to that network via wireless; in effect, the laptop become the wireless to ethernet bridge. Using this wired router mode feature in bridged mode avoids a double NAT.

When it's connected to my laptop's ethernet port using Connectify in wired router/bridged mode, I can find the control box through the Microbit Setup Manager. However, when I click Browse, the browser window times out and I never see the home page for the control box.

Thanks for any guidance.

73 Paula k9ir