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I have a friend's Control RRC here.  He uses it with a TS480 remote head.  It currently is not working.
When checking it out, voltage measurements show there is no +8V to the wire jumper pins- either the one going to the RJ11 connector, or the one supplying the voltage.  Without voltage, the TS480 remote head won't come on, so of course it won't connect. 

If I plug the TS480 remote head into the TS480 body, the TS480 lights and works, so that isn't the problem.

Question: is that +8V supply problem fixable by a user, or must it go back to Remote Rig?  Or could a jumper be missing?  I read thru the manual, and didn't see an applicable jumper.

Dennis W1UE

If the RRC is not set to the correct program mode  = 5 (TS-480) there is no 8V there

73 de mike

Just went back to double check. Control RRC is definitely in Mode 5, TS480.  Opened case to make it easy to check. 
No +8V on either side of jumper.  When TS480 head is plugged in, it doesn't turn on or light up.

Is the cable connecting the two a normal 6 conductor straight through cable? 

Dennis W1UE


There is no jumper providing the TS-480 head with 8V. 8V is provided in the TTL jack on pin 2. The jumpers is only for the micsignal, they do not have to be there at all before using the mic. Yes the cable should be straight, be shure it's not twisted 180 degrees.

73 de mike


Maybe your problem is that you are using a standard RJ12 telephone cable to connect the two.
That will not work, you need all wires connected and that only uses two. The type of cable is
referred to as an RJ12 6P6C cable, which you can find over the internet.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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