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Are the ports listed here (see attached) outgoing (destination) ports or incoming (source) ports, from the perspective of the Control Side?

By outgoing, I mean the packets leaving the control side , towards the Radio side.   Incoming would be from the Radio side, towards the control.

I am noticing some strange port assignment issues, once I find the Control Unit in "disconnected" mode, when it has Auto Reconnect set for "Yes".



Those are incoming ports for the radio RRC, which is why you must forward these ports
on the radio's router. In other words, outgoing from the control side. Without the port
forwarding, they would never find their way to the radio RRC.

There are some strange port numbers in the status menu that you may ignore. They are
not relevant for setting anything up and just confuse people.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Thanks Mitch - that is exactly how I have used them since we have two radio RRC's at the remote site; this path to the site uses different ports. 

I will post the issue I am seeing separately.   Basically, the Control unit occasionally uses its default port numbers (1300X), not the ones I have set.  However, the port numbers shown using the web interface remain the correct ones.  When this occurs, the control unit hangs and will not reconnect (even if I manually hit the Connect button).  The Control end must be rebooted/restarted.  Proved this yesterday while sniffing IP traffic.   It was using 1300X towards the remote site even though it has always been set for 1500X.

It is NATed at the radio end (Port 1500X> NAT > Port 1300X).  Control end is a public IP, no NATTing, firewall, etc.

Note sure what creates this condition yet.  I had cycled power at the Radio end.  But I cannot reproduce yet.  Yet, this continues to occur every few weeks or months.


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