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Control end occasionally uses wrong destination ports (defaulting to 1300X)


Control unit occasionally uses default port numbers (1300X), not the ones I have set (1500X) under Advanced Settings / Ports.  However, the port numbers *displayed* using the web interface for the Control side remain the ones I have set; these never change.  When this problem occurs, the Control unit hangs and will not reconnect (even if I manually hit the Connect button).  The Control end must be rebooted/restarted.  Proved this yesterday while sniffing IP traffic.   The Control was using 1300X towards the remote site (as the destination port) even though it has always been set for 1500X.

The attached snip was from the control (left side) while the right shows what was coming into the remote router at the radio side.
The radio end uses NAT (WAN incoming Port 1500X> NAT > LAN Port 1300X) since we have another Radio RCC there using the 1300X series ports.  Control end is a public IP, no NATTing, firewall, etc.

Not yet sure what creates this condition.  I had cycled power at the Radio end when it occurred.  But I cannot reproduce this.  Yet, this continues to occur every few weeks or months.

Using V2.91.   The Source (173.) and Destination (208.) are from the Control end (208. is the remote site).  Remote site router is only listening for 1500X.   Packets are dropped at the remote Radio site.   

The RRC only shows how your router has mapped the port. It's nothing that the RRC decides which is shown there. Another router may map differently. Most common is that routers map straight but not all.

73 de mike

There is no router on the Control end - so there is no way for the ports to be translated.  The pic of the router screen was from the radio side, on the WAN side of router.  This shows the Control settings (left), versus what the remote site was seeing.

Besides, once I rebooted the Control RRC, the radio side showed 15000, which is the correct port.     

I edited my earlier comments above to clarify that the router pic was what was received at the radio site router.


Seeing same problem I originally described again today.   Units would not connect.   Rebooted both ends, still no connection.  Two issues were noted while packet sniffing at the Firewall on the Remote (Control on public static IP):

 - Control was configured to use 15000-15002 towards Remote, but it was likely using 13000-13002 towards the Remote; firewall would not pass as its expecting 15000-15002 (with NAT to 13000-13002). 

 - Remote was transmitting towards Control using a LAN source port of 13001 and Destination port of 15000 (should this be 15001???)...this may be unrelated and normal; its not clear.   

Rebooted Remote end and they finally connected.  The Remote is now transmitting a LAN source port of 13001 and Destination port of 15001 (same for 13000>15000 and 13002>15002).

Does the order in which the remote and control are rebooted matter, when some firewall NAT is being used?  I am guessing there is a condition that creates this, but its difficult to reproduce.


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