Author Topic: Considering purchase of Yaesu Twin  (Read 142 times)


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Considering purchase of Yaesu Twin
« on: 2019-01-06, 22:48:16 »
Hello all.  I am considering purchase of the Yaesu twin system for remote operation.  Currently I am using Ham Radio Deluxe and Teamviewer to control my FTDX5000MP remotely from my home.  My shack is at my place of business.  I would like to improve performance of the setup.  I am considering purchasing the Yaesu Twin solution and a second radio - probably a used FT950. My question is what can I expect from this setup?  It is a large investment to purchase the remoterig and a radio so I would like to be sure it will work as expected.  I have high speed internet at both locations.  Will the CAT connection to HRD have to be disconnected to use remoterig?  If I turn on the local radio (FT950) will that initiate a "power on" on the remote FTDX5000MP?  Any insight would be appreciated.


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Re: Considering purchase of Yaesu Twin
« Reply #1 on: 2019-01-07, 00:15:08 »
In the past I used a pair of FT-2000's to use the "Yaesu Twin" mode when it first came out.
Perhaps someone else can give you their take on the combination you propose, but here are a
couple of inputs from my side:

- Quality of connection is like RemoteRig offers, a far better experience than using software only
- Any RRC pair will work and it is no longer necessary to buy the special Yaesu Twin version

- Using the pair you proposed will mean that you not be able to use all the features of the FTdx-5000;
   you are restricted to the controls of the FT-950
- There were some bugs with the Yaesu Twin that were never resolved, as far as I know. Since I
   retired my setup, I can't test it any more. Search the Forum for details. My old posting is at:

To answer your questions:
CAT: The setup indeed uses COM2 for both sides, but all you need to do is to run COM1 in mode-6 or
        mode-7 and pull CAT off of COM1 instead. The baud rate does not even need to be the same as COM2.
Power on: The answer is YES. This is a positive feature of Yaesu's CAT implementation.

I hope this helps.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX